Call Us:- 0843 5158844


For general support please email us at or call us on 08435158844

We normally respond to support requests within two hours in the normal working day (9am to 5pm).  Outside of these times support is provided depending on staff availability.  In any event we will always respond to a support request two working days.

Any complaint about our services can be made initially to and you will receive a response within three working days.  In the event you are unsatisfied with the response you can escalate it by emailing which will be forwarded to the most senior person available to resolve any issues within three working days.


Our configuration and servers are as follows:-

Mail System

Remote SMTP Feed

The remote SMTP feed takes mail from the forward facing mail scanner and sends it to our customers systems.  In the event of a failure of a customers email system the delivey queue can be accessed using IMAP, POP3 and webmail using the details below for our local email service.

Local Email Service

Domains held on our servers have the following settings:-

For Internet browser access:-

IMAP:- (port 143)

POP3:- (port 110)

Outgoing Mail

SMTP:- (port 25) with basic authentication using the username and password for either an SMTP remote feed or a local email account.

Web Hosting




Off site Backup Service

Control Panel Access:-


 Abuse of service complaints

Please report any abuse of our services to  You will receive a response within two working days.


Domain Names

The terms and conditions for nominet (uk) domain names are available at


Key Domain Terms


  • We raise an invoice between sixty and thirty days from the expiry date of the domain and will let the domain expire if the customer notifies us it is not required
  • If a customer notifies at any time that the domain is not required we mark it to expire
  • If a customer does not pay (or notify us) by the time the invoice is due (30 days) we will not renew the domain apart from .uk domains when will still renew it but contact the customer to confirm if it is still required.  If we do not receive confirmation we will cancel the domain 30 days later
  • We make no charges for transferring a domain or terminating a domain contract
  • We provide free DNS for all domains registered through us
  • We make no other charges for maintaining a registered domain